Jovany’s Boo-Boo Spray

This unique spray has many uses in salon services.  Helps comfort the scalp and stops redness from irritations caused during chemical processes where high alkaline solutions are used.  Jovany’s Boo-Boo Spray soothes itching and scaling on problem scalps and is very safe, even for children and pets.  This product can be used as a household antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes. Jovany’s Boo-Boo spay is also an amazing facial toner.


Pre-cleanse Moisture

This product pre-cleanses, loosens dirt, oils, previous conditioners and hair spray.   It removes polymers which normal shampooing may not be able to remove.  Pre-Cleanse Moisture should be used prior to shampooing.   It creates pathways through the cuticle to allow ANTIDOTE and ICE or Liquid ICE to penetrate deeper for superior results.  Use Pre-Cleanse Moisture before perming and neutralizing to greatly aid in penetration.   Also use before applying color on damp or dry hair.  You will use less color; get brighter results with more uniform distribution and better conditioning.

Vanessa’s Heavenly Hair

Vanessa’s Heavenly Hair is a heat-activated leave-in treatment for all hair types.  It turns your heating tools into a maximum spa treatment.  This product will smooth, soften and strengthen hair with maximum shine and style control.  Vanessa’s Heavenly Hair is the take-home upkeep treatment that pairs with the Hair Resurrection professional salon treatment.



Ismael’s Moisture Drops


Ismael’s Moisture Drops replace natural moisture. No matter how many times you use it, this luxurious moisturizer will continue to amaze you.  Mix 1-6 drops with a dime-size amount of Tangle-Ease Conditioner to experience an amazing full-body moisturizer.  Adjust amounts as needed.