Deep Cleanse Shampoo

This salon strength shampoo takes hair to a new level of clean.  It helps to remove build-up, chlorine and unwanted minerals from hair. It also clarifies and strongly cleanses hair. This is the perfect shampoo to use immediately before chemical services (excluding relaxers).  It is excellent for oily scalps.

Natasha’s Moisture Essence Shampoo

This mild, moisturizing shampoo is excellent for dry hair and specifically designed to protect and add body to naturally curly and/or chemically treated hair.

Sebastian’s Daily Shampoo

A mild shampoo formulated for daily use on all hair types, especially fine-textured and chemically treated hair.

Ultra Brite Shampoo

This is a shampoo formulated for all textures of hair (fine, coarse, curly or chemically treated).  It helps in toning out brassiness with blonde hair and removing yellow tones in grey hair.  Ultra Brite Shampoo also leaves hair remarkably clean and shiny.

Tangle-Ease Conditioner

This true moisturizer keeps color vibrant without oils. Specifically for hair, that has suffered extensive abuse through heat, comb, brush, or chemical damage.  It makes hair soft and manageable without weighing it down.  It is awesome to use after ANTIDOTE, a pre-conditioner!  To minimize the absorption of chlorine and minerals before swimming, apply a small amount of Tangle-Ease Conditioner to damp hair.

ANTIDOTE (Neutralizing Contracting Conditioner)

Should be used after all chemical services to control swelling and to neutralize any residual alkaline chemicals left in the hair, especially alkaline hair relaxers.  It is formulated for use on all hair types.  Lubricates, adds volume and stops breakage, therefore reducing hair loss.  Locks in color, and eliminates color change caused by other chemical services.  It makes hair bright and shiny by closing the cuticle (outer layer of hair) and locking in moisture.